okay, so this is basically just a place for me to compile all of the cool craft ideas i find online and maybe put some of my own ideas or my attempts at projects. enjoy!

Comfy Yoga Pants

i came across this t-shirt reconstruction and it is definitely something that i have to try:

yoga pants made from an oversized t-shirt. they look so cozy and i want a pair right away. a really excellent step-by-step tutorial is available at http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/oversized_t_shirt_to_comfy_yoga_pants

Sweater Boots

these are awesome.

they are made from an old sweater and a pair of cheap flats. with a quick trip to the thrift store, these are a complete possibility. they look so comfy and would be great for fall.

tutorial at http://www.instructables.com/id/Upcycled-Sweater-Boots/

Cheap Easy Dress

This dress i was a little reluctant towards at first. i saw this picture and thought it was just another so-so homemade dress project. but when i scrolled through the instructions (which, by the way, as hinted to in the title are very simple) i came across pictures of other dresses that she (she being rachael caringella) had made using this “pattern”. pattern put in quotes because if you read the directions, it’s not so much a pattern as a step by step guide. here is the picture that hooked me:

after seeing how well this dress came out i knew i had to make this dress. and the real kicker: only $6! yup, definitely making this.

here’s the link to rachael caringella’s blog/ instructions for making this fabulous dress: http://talk2thetrees.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-make-easy-high-waisted-dress-for.html