okay, so this is basically just a place for me to compile all of the cool craft ideas i find online and maybe put some of my own ideas or my attempts at projects. enjoy!

Candy Wrapper Change Purse

LOOK! here is another adorable wallet/change purse. they just keep coming. remember that post that i reblogged. yes, yes, i know that that was about 5 minutes ago. but what about this? yes, yes, i know that that was the post that was linked in the reblog. but they are all relevant, i swear. because they are all cute!


لماذا نرمي أغلفة الحلوى بينما نستطيع صنع هذه المحفظة الظريفة منها ؟

نغلفها بتغليف شفاف » كالذي نغلف به كتب المدرسة

نلصقها على سحاب

ومن الجهه الأخرى نلصق قماش بلون مناسب

نخيطها ثم نقلبها

انتهينا ^_^

^still not english!

here is a cute wallet idea that is reminiscent of the nintendo controller wallet and cassette tape coin purse that i totally posted that one time. reminiscent in that they are both cute and unconventional!


محفظة نقود مميزه مصنوعه من مكعبات الليجو صغيرة الحجم

ولا نحتاج عند صنعها إلا إلى :

سحّاب + قماش جلد أو أي نوع من الأقمشة القوية + غراء سائل -أو صمغ مسدس + قطع ليجو طبعاً

الطريقة سهله ، نركب قطع الليجو -نستعمل الصمغ عند التركيب - بشكل مستطيلين » إلا إذا كنا سنستخدم القطعة الكبيرة التي…

ahh ^ that’s so not english.

Mini Pumpkin Pies

similar to pie in a jar. perfect portion pies!

instructions at www.makeandtakes.com/muffin-tin-pumpkin-pies.

Homemade Soap

i think i want to make soap.

i could easily say that these would make a good gift, but lets be honest, if these turn out well i would want them for myself.

(Source: marthastewart.com)

Comfy Yoga Pants

i came across this t-shirt reconstruction and it is definitely something that i have to try:

yoga pants made from an oversized t-shirt. they look so cozy and i want a pair right away. a really excellent step-by-step tutorial is available at http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/oversized_t_shirt_to_comfy_yoga_pants

Sweater Boots

these are awesome.

they are made from an old sweater and a pair of cheap flats. with a quick trip to the thrift store, these are a complete possibility. they look so comfy and would be great for fall.

tutorial at http://www.instructables.com/id/Upcycled-Sweater-Boots/

Zipper Bracelet

there are definitely a couple zippers somewhere around my house, so this post might actually become a reality.

i would like to try this idea out, just to see how it would turn out. seems simple enough…

(Source: cutoutandkeep.net)


one day i will throw out all of my half used notebooks and make some of these cute little ones.

these would be good to just toss in your purse or give as a small gift.

(Source: ohhellofriendblog.com)

Pie in a Jar

okay, so this may fall under the category of cooking more so than crafts, but i couldn’t resist. these would make great favors or gifts, in addition to the fact that i love pie and mason jars.

portable pie! what a great idea.

how-to instructions here: http://pizzazzerie.com/recipes/pie-favors-in-a-jar-recipes/. yay!

Adorable Purses

this website has so many good purse tutorials.


here are some of the ones that i looked through and liked.

this one is knitted using old plastic shopping bags and it makes a great reusable bag.

this one is made out of magazines and is cute and colorful.

and last is a quilted wallet, because i know that i can never have enough wallets.

there were many more great ideas and tutorials on that website, it is something that i definitely want to spend time on.